Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting exposed: My first blog

True to being a lazy person, after a few years since I first thought of writing blogs, today I have taken the plunge. Everything happened quickly, there wasn't any planning at all - so the weird name of the Blog.

Why do I want to write blog? - to impress others? to become famous? to educate others? to share my knowledge?. None of these, I just wanted to cement/enhance whatever I have already learned;by writing about them :). Till now I haven't done much writing other than coming up with work related documents though I am a voracious reader.

A recent talk I had attended made me realize the importance of writing vis-a-vis reading. The speaker was making a point that writing enhances ones knowledge and that it's not just about describing something one already know. In order to write something meaningful, one has to do a lot of research, update knowledge etc. Also the effort required is high; one has to structure the narration, articulate the content properly, use proper words.

So, what am I going to write about?

About my random thoughts :)
About movies.
About books.
About Software Technologies
About what I think one can do to better human lives.
About my country, countrymen.
And may be some other topics