Friday, February 20, 2009

JavaFX CRUD Application

Well, I too jumped into the JavaFX bandwagon. Since I have good exposure to Swing, naturally I got excited by the new Rich Client Platform offering from Sun.

Most of of the examples using JavaFX available in Internet are demonstrating the graphic and animation capabilities of JavaFX and very few concentrates on Enterprise application needs. Yes I understand that one of the objective of JavaFX is to compete with other RIA/RCP offerings and the enterprise data centric application needs are already taken care of by Java Swing and web technologies.

Since my experience is mainly in developing data centric applications in enterprise world, I thought of creating a sample CRUD application that would use components from both JavaFX and Swing, former being the runtime and having major presence. has nice set of sample applications using most of the commonly used technology/frameworks and all of them are based on the same data model (Employee-Department). I liked the idea behind this site and decided to develop my JavaFX example using the same model, infact it uses the data layer from one of the samples there and make contribution.

Please find the lesson and source at

Click the button to start the above example using Java Webstart:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

JBoss4 Admin Reference Card

I have been working with JBoss quiet often recently. Though lot of documentations and tutorials are availble, they are scattered. Besides there is no reference card available for JBoss as of now. So thought of authering one.

This reference card or cheatsheet is an attempt to provide a concise view of most commonly used tasks from a JBoss production environment administrators view.

Please find the reference card at the following location.

Your feedbacks are welcome to improve the RefCard